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Services and Pricing

Full Service Contract-to-Close

We provide full transaction coordination services from contract to close, beginning the moment the contract has been signed.


  • Contracts- Full contract and paperwork review for accuracy and compliance.

  • Introductions– Engage the seller and/or buyer’s agent, lender and closing attorney to inform them of our role and give them our contact information. We will ensure that deadlines are met according to the terms of the contract.

  • Inspections- Contact listing and selling agents, seller and/or buyer with the inspection time and date as well as any inspection company recommendations. We will remind you and your client of any items that need to be addressed and resolved as per the contract.

  • Title- We will assist and work with the attorney to be sure the title work is received by the established deadline and work with them to clear any title objections.

  • Appraisal– Contact the buyer’s lender for appraisal status once the inspection period is completed and agreed upon by both buyer and seller. We will manage the entire appraisal process and help resolf any appraisal issues as well as follow up on the appraisal status once completed.

  • Loan Commitment– We will contact the buyer’s lender to be sure they are on track to meet loan commitment by the day stated in the contract, keeping you and your client advised on all communication regarding the loan process.

  • Pre-Closing– Will set a time of day that works well for you and your client for the day of closing, then coordinate that with the closing attorney. The closing time and location will then be emailed to all involved parties. We will also work with you to schedule the final walkthrough with selling or listing agent.

  • Post-Closing- We will confirm a completed closing, obtain a copy of the final closing disclosure for the file, and close out your file for compliance.

à la carte Options

Need even more? Add these options to help you focus more on selling instead of paperwork.

  • Negotiations

  • Writing Offers / Counter offers

  • Handling Amendments to Address Concern

Need a more customized solution? Call to discuss how we can tailor our services to your needs.

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